Webcasts and Webinars of any size. We Can Do it. Get more for your money. Introduce yourself to the world in HD, without buffering, without delays and without limitations.
  • We tailor make each video production to suit our clients’ needs.
  • Choose from single cameraman operations, to multi-angle productions.
  • Include interviews, keynote speeches or testimonials
  • Add the appeal of interaction by providing online viewers with an option to ask questions live
  • Host your event privately, and invite as many, or as few people as you’d like, without compromising the quality of your feed.
  • Repurpose your shoot’s footage for use in sales, meetings, or marketing initiatives.

High-definition (HD) video is crystal clear, with almost double the resolution of standard video (SD). It creates a picture so clear you’d think you were experiencing it firsthand. Web experiences are vastly enhanced – it looks more like a movie than video.

The only issue with HD is that it takes a large file size to get such great resolution. This makes it great on DVD, but difficult to stream on the Internet. When seeking out professional webcasting services, ensuring the company you choose has HD video streaming capabilities is paramount.

When eMotion realized that the technology to properly stream High-Definition video didn’t exist, we devoted thousands of hours to create it.

Using our video compression technology, we’ve taken the 6000 kilobytes per second, necessary to stream 1280×720 resolution, and shrunk it down to 800. This means that your HD videos can download and start instantly with uncompromised high quality when you turn to eMotion for your video hosting needs.