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For over 15 years, eMotion Picture Studios has been proud to serve clients in-studio and on-location across the continent, offering high quality, high definition sales, promotion and learning materials, including heavy equipment training videos for small and large construction firms in Canada and the U.S.

See results, sooner. We offer a comprehensive videography and post-production package for better standardized employee training, in as little as 8 days.


Why Choose eMotion Picture Studios?


We’ve eliminated the inefficiencies that cost business owners both time and money.

Our dedicated team of videographers is available to come to you to shoot and edit your heavy equipment safety training video on-site, eliminating the need for expensive travel and communication delays while supporting a faster, safer, and more rewarding R.O.I.

Our promise? A product that meets your deadlines and exceeds your expectations.


A Comprehensive Training Video Company Offering Flexible On-Location Editing


At eMotion Picture Studios, we are proud to deliver the complete package.

Professional video services include a personalized script and storyboard development process for your heavy equipment training video, 2 full shooting days, 3 days of editing on-site with our portable post-production suite, and a high quality final cut that can be updated as your business grows and changes, at any time.

Whether you choose to be a part of your own heavy equipment training video on screen, with the aid of complimentary teleprompter service, or take advantage of on-air talent briefed in your company policies and goals, the last say is yours. Since we bring our editing software to you, rough cuts can be approved or improved on the spot.

Ideally suited for internal office use or distance education, our custom-made videos are available on a wide variety of media. Ready to go global? Ask us about our exclusive web and video hosting services for smoother streaming and a more progressive download from virtually anywhere.


Clear, Consistent Messaging for a Standardized Training Initiative


Efficiency, reliability, effectiveness. Just a few of the ways that a heavy equipment safety training video from eMotion Picture Studios helps to protect your valued people and your solid reputation.

Information, when used correctly, has the power to save lives. A superior video training tool minimizes potential for the receipt of inconsistent instruction amongst new hires, and the unintentional omission of critical information, while simultaneously maximizing workplace productivity and billable hours by reducing time commitments away from project management for training purposes. We’ll ensure that the final script includes accurate, complete descriptions of safety protocols, proper personal protective gear and emergency procedures unique to the nature of your company. All the while, your qualified staff in the field regain the freedom to spend their days doing what they do best.


Interactive Testing & Certification Process


When it really matters, will your staff have the tools to avoid accident or injury on-site?

Eliminate the guesswork. At eMotion Picture Studios, we deliver the option of an effective interactive training and certification component for your personalized heavy equipment training video. This program ensures that the participant fully understands the standard operating procedures and key concepts outlined in each module before moving onto the next one, supporting both the retention of critical information and the confirmation of management due diligence.


Our Team


At eMotion Picture Studios, we offer the professional services of an experienced, mobile team of expert videographers from our studios in Burlington and Ottawa, Ontario. Our accomplished webcast and training video company offers a combined 40+ years of diverse, award-winning experience in the field of video production, and a creative eye for your unique vision.

We understand that in order to film a heavy equipment training video on-location, we need to come adequately prepared for the exceptional demands of a dynamic and challenging work environment. Our team will arrive fully equipped with required hard hats and steel toes to get the job done right.


Our Cameras & Equipment


When it comes to a company brand, image is everything. Get the sharpest, truest colour and best quality film for visual media from eMotion Picture Studios.

The advantage is clear. From employee orientation to heavy equipment safety, training videos by eMotion Picture Studios are often filmed with the same camera equipment as the latest Hollywood blockbuster, for a small fraction of the big ticket price.


All-Inclusive Safety Training Video Production


What does success look like to you?

At eMotion Picture Studios, you may choose to be involved in the script development and on-screen process as much or as little as you prefer, knowing that our experts are there every step of the way to make your vision a reality.

Broaden your audience with closed captioning, subtitles, voice over and translation available for your heavy equipment training video. Advanced digital features and special effects such as a green screen studio and time-lapse photography services are accessible to our clients wishing to further enhance the visual impact of any corporate communication, promotional reel or e-learning program.


Professional, Affordable Heavy Equipment Safety Training Videos


See the difference that makes us the best value in the business.

eMotion Picture Studios offers adaptable, expedited video production services to the discerning individual or business owner. Available on disc or web-based media, and archived for required updates down the road, your heavy equipment training video is an investment in your staff, your company, and your brand. We guarantee to produce your heavy equipment safety training video on budget, every time.


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