Why Food safety training videos are essential to protecting your business

The food and beverage service industry continues to grow around the world. That being said, the demand for food safety training videos is growing, as well.  Did you know that no matter where food is served – whether it is at a hotel restaurant, buffet, bar, diner, café, or baseball stadium – each person that will handle food is required to complete a food handling course?

Maybe it’s time to consider producing your own food handling training video and tapping into potential revenue!


Get a Feel for your Food Safety Training Video Options – After you Wash your Hands, of Course


If you DON’T Create a Food Training Video…


Begin to Accept the Startling Statistics


 Food safety training videos are extremely important in the food and beverage service industry. Recent studies have concluded that each year, about four million Canadians suffer from foodborne illnesses. To put it into perspective, that is equivalent to one in eight Canadians getting sick from eating food that was poorly handled or improperly cooked each year. Without using a food safety training video, businesses run the risk of having their staff handle food with little knowledge about the importance of personal hygiene, temperatures (such as cooked meat, fridges, or sitting temperatures of sauces), food handling methods (such as thawing meat), and so on.


Recognize the Consistent Health Risk


Untrained staff at businesses that have not used a food handling training video – or have not participated in food safety training whatsoever – are a hazard to their own health and that of every person that walks through their door.

Your food safety training video can be what prevents this from happening in businesses serving food, protecting their staff, customers, and even yourself if you were a customer!


You are Turning Your Back on Potential Revenue


The food industry is an ever-growing global market that will not cease to exist. With that in mind, there is money to be made in this industry. If you have wanted to create a food hygiene training video, consider your vision, an appropriate budget for yourself and let eMotion work by your side. We will work hard to ensure you are satisfied with every aspect of the food safety training video, from its length to how users are able to transition into different components of the video.


If you DO Create a Food Training Video…


Everyone Gets Trained That Handles Food


Every last person that may come in contact with food can be trained using your food safety training video: servers, bartenders, food expediters, and even management. Prep cook training is critical, along with line cook training. Food safety training for all cooks will require a kitchen training video that discusses important concepts specific to them, such as appropriate food storage temperatures.

The rest of the staff will be trained in these areas, as well, but it is critical that your kitchen staff fully comprehends the importance and implementation of what they learned in the food safety training video.


Assist With the Prevention of Foodborne Illnesses and Lower Health Risks


Your food safety training video will teach a business’ staff the importance of maintaining personal hygiene and safe food handling. With that in mind, the risk of foodborne illnesses will decrease with the implementation of what they have learned from your food hygiene training video. Businesses serving food will not be responsible for as many customer and staff illnesses – all thanks to the food handling training video that you generously provided them.


Reputation Management


Be proactive.  Nothing tarnishes a restaurant’s reputation like poor reviews, or unhappy customers spreading  negative feedback among their circle of friends.  Avoid the potential loss of business by properly training your entire staff through the use of food hygiene training videos.  A well trained staff is one that is knowledgeable about all current health and safety standards, and one who implements those teachings on a daily basis.  Ensure that the material being taught is not only retained, but practiced.  Video is proven to be a more complete and effective training tool due to its ability to stimulate multiple senses simultaneously.


Brace Yourself for Income


Being involved in the food industry is like accepting the challenge of being involved in an industry that is consistently growing and changing – which will always be the case. If the food hygiene training video you create is in demand – especially on a scale outside of English-speaking consumers – you had better prepare yourself to make money. It will certainly take work and persistence, though.

 You Need a Training Video Company, but Why Choose eMotion?


You Pay What You Say


 When you meet with an eMotion representative to discuss your food handling training video, one of the most critical components that needs to be communicated and agreed upon is a budget. We understand that discussing budget with a training video company may seem like a losing battle because production companies typically go over an agreed upon budget, but we respect your money and trust. We will be honest and explain what you will get for what you are willing to spend.


We Understand How Critical Time Is


Not only will eMotion produce your safety training video within the timeframe that has been agreed upon, but we fully understand the repercussions of producing the food training video late. You may lose business, upset your customers, or let down your employer. In addition, this stress that the late food safety training video has created will likely transition into your life outside of work. At eMotion, we appreciate you as a business customer and keep your life outside of work in mind, as well. eMotion will not be the cause of your stress; rather, we will create and retain a trustworthy relationship during the production process of your food hygiene training video.


It is Your Creation – You Call the Shots. We’re Just Along for the Ride


We mean it. We will discuss the outline you would like your food safety training video to have, its components, how long you would like it to be, special graphics, and so on. We have a great team of video producers and editors who will make honest recommendations to ensure your video is worth every penny and every minute you have put into it. Make it unique – make it your own!


We Create Interactive Testing


eMotion will thoroughly test your food safety training video pupils before they begin work in your restaurant. We have the software required to produce online testing for each chapter of your food handling safety video.  This ensures that each new member of your staff understands all of your company’s standards of safety, and can be printed as proof of training completion.


Easy to Revise and Update


When eMotion creates your food safety training video, we will ensure we keep it saved in our database. We do this because our goal is to not only make you happy with the outcome, but to make you so happy that you will come back when your food safety training video needs to be revised to meet new food health and safety standards. It will take much less time and much less money to update a food safety training video we have produced.

Food safety training videos do not only directly affect food businesses, but they also affect yourself and all of us – their customers. An effective food safety training video that engages staff and is interesting can make the world of a difference – and that video could be yours!

The inspirational William Shedd once said, “A ship is safe in harbour, but that is not what ships are for”. Put your faith in us with your food safety training video and all aboard, eMotion!


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