Customized industrial training videos

Employees in the factory and industrial environments face different hazards than those in an office, retail or warehouse. For this reason, they need more advanced training that addresses the specific risks and dangers associated with their job.

The benefits associated with effective industrial safety training videos are imperative to save time, money, resources and the workplace safety of staff and management. Industrial training videos allow you the freedom to include a wide range of information and demonstrations in your training program; for example operating machinery, handling various factory materials, specific procedures etc.

Overcoming challenges of Industrial Safety Training

Industrial safety training videos avoid common issues such as:

  • Booking Issues: it may be difficult to book instructors in a timely manner that can train new hires as they come in, or entire departments of a workplace.
  • Inconsistent delivery of your protocols: not all team members in each department and/or task can participate in industrial training simultaneously. This causes inconsistent safety training between instructors and employees, as well as opens the door to the omission of critical information.
  • Cost: booking an instructor every time a new hire arrives is inefficient, and costly.

 Retention of Information: booking an instructor is not be the most reliable solution to consistent safety training when compared to an industrial safety training video. Infact, There is an 85% increase in the retention of information when video is used for learning, compared to text or the spoken word alone.

 Understanding the Benefits of Industrial Training Videos

Equipping staff with a clear audio and visual provides standardized safety training without miscommunication and increases effectiveness. The benefits of using industrial training videos are:

  • Clarity: An industrial training video will provide a clear outline of your company’s regulations and procedures. Safety training videos can appropriately explain content from SOPs (standard operating procedures) to more complex processes and regulations such as lean manufacturing. Videos have the luxury of providing a visual such as an organized chart; added with audio to further the viewers learning process.
  • Eliminating Human Error: Industrial safety training videos have the advantage of allowing its viewers to watch a task done the right way, every time. It ensures that all staff is given the same level of safety training without the possibly that the exercise is done with different handling.
  • Time Management: industrial training videos ensure proper time management. While booking an instructor, or pulling senior staff and management away from their given daily tasks can be a lengthy, expensive process, providing new hires a fully comprehensive safety training video can optimize the efficiency of completing your training process during company hours without entirely disrupting departments or the completion of daily procedures and tasks. Industrial training videos also allow the convenience of flexibility; Have your employees watch the video when it is convenient.
  • Cost Efficient: industrial training videos are a great investment for a company. It is a one-time cost that can benefit a company for years to come and provide consistent proper training to new and current employees at the company’s discretion.

 Retention of critical learning: studies have proven that the greatest material retention is gained through visual learning and immediate testing. Have your employees complete a test which covers all of the material covered in your industrial training video. Each module can be reviewed to highlight key concepts and comprehension before the process continues. Our interactive testing program supports your efforts in proving due diligence for safety regulations, making it a real win-win.

  • Engagement: eMotion encourages participation of employee engagement to enhance team building and communication. Allowing employees to engage and participate in the production of your industrial safety training video develops a sense of company pride.

Industrial and factory workplaces contain many types of safety hazards. It is critical that workers in the industry are properly trained on the hazards and obstacles they will encounter on a daily basis. eMotion is equipped to professionally produce customized industrial training videos and factory safety videos.

Choosing eMotion for your Industrial Training video 

For over 15 years, eMotion has obtained an impressive international client list. Choose eMotion as your training video company with confidence. Our extensive knowledge in the video production industry and unparalleled unique approach is both effective and efficient. Our competitive edge over a differing training video company lies in our work ethic, with completed projects having been successfully delivered in as little as 8 days in the past. We deliver on time and budget, every time. Whether you prefer working side by side on each step of the process or completely handing it off; our promise to you is that your safety training video will exceed your expectations.

For affordable and professional video production services that clearly deliver your company’s safety protocols and practices, choose eMotion Picture Studios. Contact the safety training video experts at 1-877-631-5899

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