Lean Manufacturing

When Bill Wilson joined his son Scott in founding eMotion Picture Studios in 2002, he had an idea that they could do a better, more efficient job than any video production company on the planet. With a background in Industrial Engineering, Bill is well acquainted with the principles of Lean Manufacturing.

What he saw in the video business was wasted time and wasted effort: shooting on location or in studio, editing back at the shop and travel to clients to show the results. He saw make-up, set design, DVD authoring and other specialists hired, at great expense, for their brief one-time input.

Lean video production eliminates wasted time and expense (on our part and yours), resulting in savings both in terms of time and cost. We have created portable editing suites in order to bring not only the shoot, but also the editing to you. Our self-directed two-man videographer teams are cross-trained in editing, sound, DVD authoring, basic make-up and more.

Tremendous Lean video production efficiencies are also realized during the video storyboarding process. Each time we finish producing a video in a given category, we revisit our master template for that category to see if it can be improved. Then when we start a new project, we begin with a template that includes the best ideas, techniques and talking points that we’ve ever had. Then as we begin working with a client, we customize the template as we go. So we not only save time, but also end up with a vastly superior video than if we had started from scratch.

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