Create Viral Marketing Videos

hen your business has a message, you want to get it out there in the fastest and most efficient way possible, you need a marketing video. eMotion Picture Studios has been producing marketing videos for over ten years. We can write, shoot, edit, and produce a high quality product in as little as 8 days.

We bring the studio to you, so you can see the process through from start to finish and make sure production doesn’t wrap until you’re fully satisfied. Our marketing videos save you half the money and half the time.

Working with eMotion Picture Studios

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  • 17 years experience producing marketing videos
  • Apple Certified Pro editors work with you on-site
  • Average production time of 8 days, from first conception to final cut


At eMotion, we know how effective marketing videos can be for your business. A well-written, clean-cut production can ensure your message is delivered as quickly and clearly as possible. Marketing videos for the web can be uploaded as soon as two days after being shot – much quicker than producing and distributing a DVD.

See the difference our high quality viral marketing videos can make for your business.

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