Patient testimonials can give you a competitive edge over the competition

Differentiate from your Competition.

The struggle of healthcare professionals certainly includes attracting and retaining patients, and in particular, ensuring they appear to be the superior choice when compared to their competitors.

Potential patients are constantly considering changing, or finally finding, a healthcare professional they can depend on, one that’s professional, and that truly cares about them and their family. Whether it’s to find a chiropractor, family doctor, psychologist, dentist, pediatrician, or physical therapist, the competition in each profession is monumental.  Because of this, the task of becoming the patient of someone new can appear to be a daunting process to some people.

How can healthcare professionals help make this process easier and attract new patients? The answer lies in patient testimonials.

Effectiveness of Patient Testimonials

Studies show that a substantial 78% of individuals trust online reviews as much as recommendations from people they know. Did you know that TripAdvisor® has over 260 million unique visitors per month? This is undeniable proof that the general public yearns for purposeful advice from others when deciding on services; even when deciding on something as personal as choosing a new physician.

Patient testimonials are an incredibly effective way to endorse your professionalism, personality and services. No matter what type of healthcare professional you are, you’re guaranteed to benefit from using patient testimonials to create endorsement videos for the services you provide.

Client Testimonial Videos are More Impactful

As a healthcare professional, the goal of having patient testimonials should not only be to attract new clients, but to prove that you genuinely value the clinical results of your patients as much as their overall experience. Obtaining patient testimonials in text is useful and a step in the right direction, but creating patient videos from the patient testimonials you receive will have much more of an impact. Although the majority of people value online reviews of services, consistent technological advances and improvements result in more people preferring to watch endorsement videos compared to reading text reviews.

Over 100 million people watch videos online every single day and according to Forbes, “2015 is considered the year of video marketing”.  In addition, YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world! Client testimonial videos are much more impactful, and have a far greater reach than client testimonials in text.  People viewing a patient testimonial video will recognize authenticity and emotion, making it a much more trustworthy endorsement video. Patient videos will also draw much more attention on your website and various social media platforms.

eMotion’s Testimonial Video Services

eMotion is eager to assist you with the production of client testimonial videos. It is our recommendation that patient videos are interesting, to the point, authentic, and relevant.

When producing patient testimonials for doctors, eMotion will offer to:

  • Assist with a script. It’s better for everyone involved in the patient testimonial video to be prepared and know what they’re going to say about your services. It may start with a personal introduction or something interesting to make people want to continue watching. Overall, the testimonial must explain your client’s personal experience using your services. It’s particularly valuable for patients to explain a success story, transforming patient testimonials for doctors into genuine success videos.
  • Meet with the individual(s) that will be in the patient video before filming. This will ensure that each person involved is better prepared for filming, familiar with the process, and more comfortable on the day of filming. As a result, less time will be needed for filming and redoing takes.
  • Suggest an overall video style. It’s important to consider the setting (such as casual, with your clients sitting on a couch), if and when there will be graphics used, if multiple angles will be used, and so on. If the testimonial is being produced into a success video, we can use any pre-existing impactful material, such as “before and after” photographs, and seamlessly integrate them into your patient video production.

Take your patient video production to the next level : Providing you with Important Analytics

eMotion can not only produce patient testimonial videos, but through our strategic partnership with, a digital marketing powerhouse,  can  assist you with video placement (on your website, social media, and YouTube).  is an official  Google Partner, and Google owns YouTube. Needless to say, Google actually places higher value on inbound links from their own platform.

If administers your website and YouTube account, they will be able to assist you with in-depth video analytics retrieved from your website and YouTube account. RankHigher’s analytics will show you video engagement, including:

  • Sharing
  • Comments
  • “Likes” and
  • Traffic sources (how individuals got to your video)

In addition, RankHigher’s analytics will show:

  • How long people watch the video
  • New video viewers
  • Video audience retention
  • Viewer geography
  • Viewer demographics
  • …and so much more!

This invaluable information will help you to determine the patient testimonial video’s success and, more important, your return on investment (ROI).

With eMotion and, efficiency is guaranteed

The eMotion and team will assist in transforming patient testimonials for doctors (and any other healthcare professionals) into videos. After production, the web team can administer video placement and provide you with substantial analytics. A patient testimonial video that is produced and positioned efficiently will provide potential future clients with authentic patient testimonials. These videos will also become more visible in search engines (particularly Google and YouTube).

Your videos are also useful beyond the World Wide Web and can be effectively used in e-mail signatures, presentations, proposals, and trade shows.

Overall, video testimonials overcome the typical skepticism most potential clients have when reading online reviews. This authentic marketing method is an exceptionally powerful sales tool and will assist in creating brand credibility.

Let eMotion and RankHigher market your services in the most effective ways possible. Contact us today (toll-free) at 1-877-631-5899 or contact us online via e-mail or LiveChat.


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