eMotion Picture Studios Time-Lapse Construction Videos

See change happen. Effectively showcase your company’s latest building projects with maximal impact in minimal time through a high definition time-lapse construction video made possible by the experts at eMotion Picture Studios.

Over the past 15 years, our dedicated team of skilled professionals has produced approximately one thousand pieces of compelling visual media for a wide range of clientele, including construction time-lapse videos suitable for marketing, training, sales and promotional avenues. With offices located in Burlington and Ottawa, Ontario, we proudly serve large and small businesses across the majority of the continent.

Why Choose Time-Lapse Photography Services?

 Because your next networking opportunity is no time to watch paint dry.

At eMotion Picture Studios, our experienced video production team creates striking audio-visual communications that get noticed in a fast-paced world.

Have a minute? Seal the deal with your newest potential architectural trade show or web-based client. Your construction firm’s most impressive property transformations can be witnessed on film with time to spare.

Our job is to create next-generation multimedia made to order, including custom time-lapse construction videos featuring the best in contemporary design. Our passion is to capture the moment.

Construction Time-Lapse Videos that Build on Your Solid Reputation

 Your reputation wasn’t built in a day, but a time-lapse construction video from eMotion Picture Studios can exhibit your remarkable accomplishments in seconds.

Effortlessly convey the anticipation and excitement of the build, as well as the essence and very nature of your individual company brand. Witness─perhaps for the first time─the process of a tower construction in time-lapse video, from concept to completion, with the fundamental advantage of a city in context. Invite potential customers to experience the true magnetic appeal of the dynamic urban streetscape surrounding your latest achievement on the burgeoning skyline, which may not be effectively conveyed through traditional still photography.

Ideal for sales, promotion and marketing purposes, a concise, distinctive construction time-lapse video production can create a lasting impression in an ever-changing market. Strengthen your connection to the buyer with applications which include trade show and corporate communications, branded web content and borderless, targeted social media and advertising.

Save Time & Money with On-Location Construction Time-Lapse Video Production

 By eliminating procedural inefficiencies, we’ve passed our savings onto you. Our state-of-the-art portable editing suite allows clients to view their time-lapse construction video for on-site approval, with any desired changes done on the spot. With no time wasted due to travel or remote communication, clients enjoy a faster R.O.I.

As a mobile 2 person production team, we’re accustomed to filming in a variety of environments, often at short notice. We understand that making a construction time-lapse video may mean some time on a site in progress. Our videographers arrive prepared on-location with required hard hats and standard safety footwear so we can get right down to business.

Most of eMotion Picture Studios’ productions, including our high definition time-lapse construction videos, can be made ready for distribution in a fraction of the time of our competitors. Our process can include script development and storyboarding as necessary, as well as full days of shooting and editing on-site to ensure the highest quality results. Your level of involvement throughout is entirely up to you; we’ll never give less than 100%.

Enhanced Imaging & Added Features

 Professionally lit and colour corrected in high definition, a time-lapse construction video or promotional reel produced by eMotion Picture Studios will always capture your best side. Consider additional features such as voiceover or translation, closed captioning or subtitles, or an eye-catching walk-on visual enhancement. Clients wishing to enhance their video with speaking points, whether in person or with the assistance of contracted on-air talent, may opt for a teleprompter service at no additional charge.

Access Your Time-Lapse Construction Video Online or Portable Device

 Your company has come a long way, and so has modern technology. As a business on the leading edge of the industry, your firm requires a strong sense of direction, an aim for the future, and not least of all a strong presence online.

 Your time-lapse construction video, professionally produced for use on your choice of a multitude of portable and virtual platforms, is an investment in the future of your brand.

 Affordable, Professional Custom Time-Lapse Photography Services

 Let’s talk finance. Our team is pleased to offer the best value time-lapse photography services in the business, to suit both your goals and your bottom line. Though our superior quality output may surprise you, hidden costs never will. At eMotion Picture Studios, we take pride in always delivering our best to you on time, and on budget.

Today’s footage is tomorrow’s long term investment. Available as a disc and internet-upload, your construction time-lapse video may be conveniently archived for your required updates or additional copies at any time. Choppy video transfer getting in between you and your customer? Ask us about our secure, fast professional web hosting services for better, more reliable streaming, every time.

An Experienced Time-Lapse Construction Video Company

 A picture may be worth a thousand words, but a video speaks volumes. Let our experience be your communication advantage: with a combined 40+ years in the business, our team brings the trained eye to your vision.

A few of our more recent projects include developing representative online promotional materials with a customer focus for local business and hospitality leaders, as well as time-lapse photography services showcasing  Toronto culture for the 2014 Pan Am Games.

Our Equipment

 Great quality construction time-lapse videos demand great quality gear, and ours at eMotion Picture Studios is second to none. Our professional videographers on staff afford clients outstanding results from cameras that set the standard in the “biz”, without the Hollywood price tag. For unequaled control, stability and image quality, we use superior film equipment such as the RED Epic® Digital Cinema, Canon® EOS 5D Mark II and Kessler CineSlider™, a triple axis tripod to achieve that desired camera angle, and a neutral density filter for the sharpest, truest colour, any time of day.

 Our Award Winning Time-Lapse Video Company Team

 At eMotion Picture Studios, we’re proud to offer one of the most efficient, all-inclusive web video production and post-production options available. The secret to our success? Our people. Often called upon to teach others the tricks of the trade, our certified award-winning professional team also brings decades of behind the scenes experience to every webcast, virtual tour or construction time-lapse video they produce. Since our foundation in 1999, we continue to grow as a progressive, full-service company offering uncommon creativity and diversified technical expertise, now in-studio from two major Ontario centres and remotely across much of North America.

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At eMotion Picture Studios, we’re passionate about video, and it shows. Contact us for your free quote today.

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