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Workplace training is a significant and ongoing expense for most companies. Unfortunately, the majority of employee training is wasted effort. This is somewhat disheartening for companies that spend countless hours and monies designing written training materials for new hires.

There are many difficulties inherent in the process of onboarding and training new hires. One glaring difficulty is that the success of job training is contingent on the retention of material. The retention of information and skills has a definite impact on a company’s bottom line.


Why Training Videos?

When we read, our brains are limited in terms of how much information we can recall.  The reality is that the retention of material is bolstered by delivering job training through a medium that provides multiple stimuli for our brains to work with. The good news is that there is a solution that makes the task of workplace training much easier.

At eMotion Picture Studios, we specialize in designing and creating high quality job training videos. An expertly crafted workplace training video will get your new hires to not only read, but see and hear the information they need to be successful at their job, and most importantly make you money.

Employee training videos are integral to the success of your business because they ensure that your best practices are encoded in the minds of your staff. By appealing to multiple senses a job training video will increase the amount of information a new employee commits to memory. This will enable an employee to recall more of his or her training.


Why Choose Us?

It sounds simple enough right? You may be thinking that with all of the affordable video cameras and editing software on the market, it is possible to take a DIY approach.  However, making your own video will not necessarily yield the results you are looking for.  There is a significant benefit to hiring eMotion Picture Studios for your training video production needs. All too often employee training does not teach the appropriate skill.

That is to say that new hires are constantly bombarded with training that is wholly irrelevant within the context of their job.  You may be worried that the best practices of your industry or company are too complex to adequately translate to a job training video. At eMotion Picture Studios we are experts at understanding all aspects of your business and adapting them to video. A major mistake that companies make when training new staff is that they fail to understand the fundamental principles for effective training. For example, if an employee is an introverted personality, it is an impossible task to train him or her to become more extroverted. However, it is possible to train the employee on how to become an active listener and on how to use language that resonates with others. This is due to the fact that it is easier to teach skills than it is to teach traits. Since personality traits rarely change job training should be focused on developing skills that will empower employees to perform at a high level.

As a premium training video company we have a deep understanding of the instructional principles required for successful employee training and how to incorporate them into every aspect of training video production. Job training videos can be incredibly powerful in terms of increasing retention and the honing of skills. This does not mean all workplace training videos are created equal. To actualize all of the training potential of a video, there are certain design principles that must be met.  An employee training video is much more than editing and filming. In training video production, we prioritize pragmatism over artistic value. That is not to say that our employee training videos are devoid of artistic merit, quite the contrary, but that we are committed to producing a custom video that delivers effective training to your staff. At eMotion Picture Studios, we maintain a high standard for training video production.

Powerful production principles we consider include audience, information focus, and scripting. This is due to the fact that training materials must be strictly aligned with company objectives in order to achieve success.  We are a training video company that will incorporate your company culture and history into your training material. Our process of training video production will ensure that your workplace training video is a compelling and engaging tool that will greatly and positively affect the learning experience of your new hires. When all of these training video production principles are met, a workplace training video is effective at any level and in any context.

If done properly, a training video can become a catalyst in the growth and development of a company. Over the years eMotion Picture Studios has accrued an impressive list of clientele. Our reputation as a professional training video company is long established.  We can deliver a polished video product that will directly engage your staff and maintain their interest.

Our training video production services are varied and can be applied to the restaurant and food preparation industries to industrial and construction safety training videos.

Through the use of inspired content, visual effects, and a skilled speaker, our job training videos will achieve greater results than antiquated classroom style learning.

At eMotion Picture Studios we work with you to ensure that the process of training video production is a rewarding experience. Every stage of training video production is archived so your training materials can be updated as your industry and company evolve. Contact us for additional information about employee training videos.


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