Welcome to eMotion’s Video Hosting Service Program

eMotion’s video hosting services make webcasts available to your target audience worldwide – more clearly and more quickly. eMotion Picture Studios offers two video hosting solutions:

Live Streaming Services

Live video streaming does not download to a user’s computer. Instead, it’s played off the server, and can be more effective on bandwidth than progressive download. If you were using our webcast services to conduct a marketing seminar, where more people are likely to watch the webcast simultaneously, streaming video is a better solution.

Progressive Download

A progressive download appears to stream but it is actually being downloaded by the user’s computer in a similar sense to watching videos on YouTube. These videos usually have a play bar that fills in as the video is being downloaded; the user is able to watch any of the video that is filled in. Our highly advanced video compression capabilities lend themselves well to HD video streaming, as well as downloading HD videos.

Use our video hosting service to archive your live event footage from recent webcasts and web conferences, or take our webinar services to the next level by creating a database of easily accessible videos of your past sessions, so that they may be viewed by those who were unable to attend in person, or view the live feed.

eMotion’s hosting services include:

  • FTP access with security controls
  • Real Player, Flash, Windows Media and other formats supported
  • Full analytics: Historic and real-time information, total number of
    visitors, session durations, data transfer rate and amount, etc.
  • Responsive customer & end user support
  • Secure, geographically redundant hosting

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