Video Workflow

Step 1: Video Production Storyboarding

We start by meeting with all the stakeholders. This could include HR staff, plant supervisors, managers and even the CEO. Next, we establish the key objectives and content to be conveyed and featured in the video.
Once this is complete, we collect information on your product and company. Sometimes this information has been formally written out, other times we discuss and document current corporate identities. At this point, everybody involved decides what should be included in the video and how it will be organized.

Step 2: Shooting Videos

Once the storyboard is agreed upon, we bring in our equipment and get to work. Typically, this starts very early on the first day. Our camera operators use high-end cameras and professional lighting to produce your high quality video. Talent can also be hired as needed.

Step 3: Editing Videos

Editing, graphics, and special effects emphasizing key points are then added. 3D modeling and motion graphics may also be added. The rough cut is then viewed for approval, after which you may suggest any changes. Final changes are then made on-site and the video is finalized.

Step 4: Final Formatting of Videos

The final step is to output the video for its intended use. (Broadcast master, DVD, Web, etc). Our delivery is tailored to meet the needs of the intended audience.
We can deliver the video product in the most effective and appropriate format to suit your needs. We offer all Web formats, mobile devices and broadcast masters.
All of our customers enjoy the added security and value of a digital backup of their projects at our facility. Our backups are “LIVE”. Making changes next month or next year are as easy as making changes during the active phase of the project. Updates can often be done in a single day. This also means that resources used on one video can be used for additional videos thus reducing the cost of future projects.

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