Walk On Video

Stand out from the crowd

A walk on video is one where an actor can appear to walk right onto your computer screen, or appear there and begin talking as soon as the web page opens.
The walk on video effect is a riveting technique that is great for website introductions, welcoming messages, Pay Per Click landing pages or product tutorials. And it’s not overly obtrusive: a walk-in can be stopped or played at will.
The staff at eMotion has experience in making walk-in videos. By working with them, they tailor it until you are pleased with the final product. We provide you with feedback during the entire shooting and editing process. Your satisfaction is what compels us in making a unique video.
There’s no need to start from scratch. We can integrate a walk on video with your existing website.

Use a walk on video to:

  • get your message across loud and clear
  • give your website a strategic advantage and make it unique/li>
  • leave a lasting impression that only a walking, talking person can give

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