Why Do I Need A Webinar Service Provider? What Is a Webinar?

Expand your audience

If you’ve ever been frustrated trying to connect with multiple divisions of your company, or stakeholders located across the country, eMotion can help. We offer clients access to the best in HD video streaming services, and top flight webinar services.

Webinar Live Event Services

A webinar is like a seminar, but as the name implies, it’s broadcast over the internet.  This opens up the scope of your audience instantly, and provides you with the opportunity to deliver your message directly, as opposed to sending out written memos, and extended e-mail chains, which can lose poignancy, and ultimately, effectiveness.

Webinar participants sign up in advance, pay a fee online (if applicable), receive confirmation emails and attend at a given time. The participants can type questions, which lecturers can respond to live. Choose to allow latecomers the ability to  sign in and download a copy of the presentation by using our video hosting services.

Broadcast your next event across the Internet! Whether it’s a speech, conference or something unique, eMotion’s webcasting services team will videotape it and broadcast it online. We can integrate it into your existing website or create a completely new website dedicated to your event. It can be open to anyone or password protected for security.

For your next event, don’t limit yourself to the seats in the room. We have your webinar services covered.


Live video streaming is perfect for keeping an eye on the office while you’re out. Secure and password protected, view from anywhere you have Internet access.

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